Fertility Massage

In-Home Fertility Massages

Are you experiencing problems with conceiving a child despite your best efforts? Or concerned that stress and fatigue are preventing you from getting pregnant? Is infertility holding you back from conceiving a child?

A traditional fertility massage may be what helps you restore the balance. Let our massage therapists knead away the stress and help restore the healthy circulation that is strongly correlated with fertility.

Ordering a massage from Theraply is always easy because we provide our massage services right in your home. Our therapists come to you, wherever you are in Singapore to provide you with an unbeatable 5-star experience carried out by only the most professional and qualified fertility therapists.

Fertility Massages in the Privacy and Comfort of Your Home

Theraply provides massages where you feel safest and most comfortable—right in your home. Choose the most convenient date and time for your schedule. Our massage therapists will arrive on time, ready to provide you with relief and attentive care.

Don’t worry about preparation. Our highly trained and qualified massage therapists arrive with everything necessary to treat you to a high quality standard massage including a comfortable massage bed, fresh towels and a selection of premium organic oils. From the moment your therapist arrives, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy an amazing experience. 

What is Fertility Massage?


Can a massage make you more fertile? While there is not a direct relationship, massages can treat many of the conditions that doctors directly associate with poor levels of fertility.

Stress can be one of the biggest obstacles to a healthy pregnancy. Some personal time for yourself along with a gentle massage can help you banish stress and restore the stability that has been upset by the chemical imbalances of tension and anxiety.

Circulation also plays a significant role in fertility. If your circulation has been affected by depression, a recent injury or an inactive job, you may find it more difficult to get pregnant. Traditional fertility massages can help restore healthy circulation both in the short-term and long-term. Healthy circulation can help to kick-start a healthy pregnancy. 

Some women have trouble conceiving due to a previous abortion or miscarriage, and fertility massages help to resolve womb trauma to create a healthy ovum.

Is a Fertility Massage Really What I Need?

Theraply often collaborates with fertility clinics and specialists in Singapore to help their own patients increase their chances at getting pregnant. These are a few factors that women experience, whom can benefit from having fertility treatments with us:

  • If you have prior experiences in failing to conceive entirely

  • Currently undergoing invasive IVF treatment cycles

  • Prior miscarriages or abortions

  • Poor lifestyle habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking, even if you have kicked the habit already

  • You do not suffer from infertility, but wish to increase your chances of conceiving

Fertility massages help all the above scenarios, from lowering the discomfort symptoms associated with undergoing IVF treatments, to increasing the safety of a hard fought pregnancy. We work with you one-on-one to help you with your own unique obstacles. The more transparent you are about your medical history, the better our therapists can apply their skills and knowledge to aid you. Even if you don’t have any of the above scenarios applying to you, our treatments can lower the physical and mental stress which poses an obstacle in your journey to becoming a parent

Theraply's Fertility Massage Program and Prices

We do not see the need in offering a fixed program package without first understanding your individual and unique physical conditions. As such, Theraply offers a 1 day program to allow you to experience the benefits of a fertility treatment done in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

Why Should You Choose Theraply for your Fertility Treatments?

  • We have nearly two decades of experience in delivering results for our customers across various pregnancy related services. Our online reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers speak for themselves.

  • You're in good hands with our experienced and understanding therapists who take the initiative to listen to you about your concerns about conceiving, and will only recommend what's best for you based on your disclosed information

  • We strive for effective results, not sales. Rest assured that none of our therapists will hard-sell you into buying anything. Our brand mission is provide high quality experiences and affordable solutions to every parent in Singapore- if you don't need it, we won't sell it.

  • Did we mention that everything needed for a massage session is brought right to your doorstep? A fuss-free massage and ultimate convenience is only a click away.

Is Booking a Fertility Massage Therapist Really that Easy?

Absolutely, we’ve done everything we can to make the process not just simple, but reliable. You can book your in-home appointment with us here .Just follow these simple steps to see your massage therapist as soon as possible.

How to Request Your Fertility Massage, step-by-step



Register Your Account

Don’t worry! It’s an easy process to register your user account, and you’ll only need to provide a few bits of information. Provide us with an email address and set a password to begin right away. Be sure to add your address, contact number and credit card details into your profile so that we can confirm your chosen location and you can make payment for your booking.



Book your fertility massage in
one of our available time-slots

When you’ve completed the above, select the fertility massage service, click on the 'book now' option and you’ll be given the chance to pick your ideal time and date. Leave any notes or special instructions in the booking form so that we can understand your needs before a therapist is designated to attend to your booking.



Pay for your massage by linking
your debit or credit card

Link your preferred card within your profile to start finalizing your order.



Let us do the rest

Finished that? Then you’re all done. We’ll send you a confirmation message to let you know that we’ve received your payment. We’ll send you a second update when we’ve chosen and designated the perfect therapist to provide your massage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fertility Massages

You may want to know more about us and our massage therapists. You can always contact us by phone or through our website to get answers, but many of our customers ask the following questions. You may find the answers helpful.

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