Post Natal Massage

Post Natal Massage Services

The effects of pregnancy do not end when your baby is born. Your body will still be retaining water, swollen in different areas and tensed to support the weight of a full womb. It can take months for your body to feel normal again, but you can speed this process up and enjoy relief from aches and pain when you contact our trained and certified post natal massage therapists.

You won’t need to leave your home during your confinement period. Our massage therapists will come to your location with everything provided and taken care of.

Theraply Takes Care Of You With In-Home Post Natal Massage

Theraply’s postpartum massage treatments are designed by Singapore’s industry veteran Valerie De Costa and Indonesia’s leading pregnancy care medical practitioner Dr. Dewi, with your convenience and satisfaction in mind. We know the hassle of having to get a babysitter to tend to your newborn, and having to go pick out an outfit and apply make up just to leave your house looking presentable. And that isn’t even including having to be on time for your pumping schedule.

When you book a session with us, we not only come to your location at no extra charge, we bring everything that your massage requires:
  • A Comfortable Massage Bed

  • Fresh Towels and Sheets

  • Music and Aromatherapy

  • A Highly Trained and Qualified Therapis

  • Professionalism in understanding your physical conditions and no hard selling

This is truly the best option for a mother who has recently given birth because it means you can avoid interrupting your rest, recovery or confinement period with stressful and unnecessary travel

Our services will amplify the benefits of rest through a massage designed specifically to restore the body’s natural state. Along with the nutrition provided by our confinement catering service, postnatal massages help you feel like yourself, faster.

Benefits of a Body Massage after Giving Birth

Postpartum massage is a set of massage techniques that address problems unique to women who have recently completed their pregnancies. Women choose postnatal massages in order to achieve all of the following objectives:

Eliminate water retention throughout the body

The water that is retained throughout pregnancy is both an internal and external problem when the baby is born. Internally, it adds a significant amount of weight to different parts of the body, creating a strain that leads to painful aches and cramps. Externally, it appears as an unpleasant bloating.

Postnatal massages are primarily designed to force this water back into motion so that it can be drained from the body. The end result is the return of a healthy feeling and appearance.

Detoxify and Restore healthy circulation

Many mothers who have a natural delivery will tend to have undergone an epidural during the birthing process, epidurals can remain in your system for an extremely long period, and it also has documented side effects.

A postnatal massage can help to rid your bloodstream of epidural residue by applying the lymphatic drainage techniques. 

Another result of childbirth is poor blood circulation which can lead to many post natal problems, including numbness, shivering and a pale pallor. Due to constant immobility and stress, many parts of the body get less circulation during pregnancy. The acupressure meridian point massage techniques used by our therapists can restore healthy circulation and the youthful appearance of skin that is marked by good circulation. 

Restore your pre-pregnancy figure

If you worked hard for excellent body tone before your pregnancy, your postnatal appearance may leave you concerned that you will never have that tone again. However, it can be restored. The body tone you worked so hard for will begin to reemerge as retained water is drained and swelling is eliminated. 

Restore healthy sleep habits and mood

The chemical imbalances that are caused by pregnancy can lead to many mood swings and sleep disorders as well as post natal depression, this is exceptionally worse if your newborn child disrupts your sleep with bouts of crying when you need to rest. Without intervention, months may pass before you begin to feel normal again. Our post natal massages will promote relaxation and ease the tension that keeps truly restful sleep out of reach.

Theraply's In-home Post Natal Massage Programs and Prices

Pick the program that best suits your needs, we have four Jamu massage based programs that will all come with all the necessary equipment and experienced professional therapists sent to your home.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Why Should You Choose Theraply for Your Post Natal Treatments?

Besides the convenience of our therapists showing up with all necessary equipment right to your doorstep,and affordable pricing, here's why you won't regret letting Theraply be your postpartum care provider:

Free Credits And User Level Discounts

YYour Theraply user account gives you free credits just by completing your profile. That's right, just create your account and fill it up to be automatically be rewarded with free credits to help subsidize your first treatment with us. And that's not all, every dollar spent entitles you to get a higher user account level, levels 2-10 gives you bonus credits or a discount percentage on every purchase, making your pregnancy journey more affordable without having to wait for seasonal discounts and gimmicky roadshow promotions. We bring the savings right to your door.

Easy Appointment Flow

Sick and tired of calling and messaging a freelance therapist or other providers to arrange or reschedule your appointments?

Theraply lets you easily select your preferences such as appointment date and time from our open calendar, and manage any of your program's subsequent sessions easily all in one place.

We even let you tell our therapists where your sore spots are and how much strength you'd like your therapist to use in your massages before we even arrive at your location!

True Interest In Your Well Being

Theraply's brand motto is 'You're in good hands' , and we absolutely mean it. We aren't selling you ineffective packages that don't work, and then leaving you to figure things out for yourself. When you get a post pregnancy program from Theraply, our therapists strive hard to get you back to full strength or shed your pregnancy weight gain and have you looking and feeling brand new.

Theraply’s Guarantees

  • Highly trained and qualified therapists that use our proprietary massage techniques to achieve results,with all the necessary equipment brought to your location for a hassle-free experience.

  • Theraply only uses 100% all natural and organic Jamu herbs used in our creams and oils so your breast milk will not contain harmful chemicals or free radicals.

  • Purchasing any program with us lets you enjoy further discounts on other services such as confinement food catering services (read this, if you want the most savings during your pregnancy journey )

  • Our service guarantee is that we will always work hard to give you the best possible five-star massage experience and ensure that your well-being is our priority.

How to book a postnatal massage near you

If you are eager to drain retained water, restore your natural appearance and start enjoying healthy sleep again, you can begin the order process right away. We’ve made it as simple as possible by providing you with options here on our website and throughout our convenient app.

Just follow the steps below.


Register your account

You will need to create an account in order to request an in-home massage, but the process could not be simpler. Register your name and email address, along with the physical address where you would prefer to receive your massage. We provide special bonus credits to all clients who are willing to fill out their entire profile.


View our services and choose
the best ones for you

After you’re fully signed up, you’ll be able to see our complete list of services. We have several that are perfect for a mother who has just given birth. Try out our confinement food catering while you bond with your child and restore your body’s natural reserves of nutrients, or move straight to the postnatal service to see all available time slots.


Conveniently pay using our website or mobile app

You will never need to hand physical cash with the massage therapist providing your massage. Link your preferred debit or credit card within your profile, to begin finalizing your order.


Watch for your confirmation messages

When we’ve received your payment, we’ll send you a confirmation message to let you know that it was successful. After that, we’ll select one of our certified and experienced massage therapists to provide the services you’ve requested. You’ll receive another confirmation when one has been designated to arrive at your home on your requested time and date.

Frequently Asked Questions about Postnatal Massage

We at Theraply want you to feel completely confident about your choice. If you have any questions at all about who we are or the services that we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us, here. Many customers are curious about postnatal massages, and the following are some of the questions we receive most often.

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