Miscarriage Recovery Massage

Postnatal Massage After A Miscarriage

The stresses that miscarriage places on the body and mind cannot be underestimated. If you have recently suffered a miscarriage, you should not feel alone. They are unfortunately very common in countries with high stress levels like Singapore, and it is a reality that millions of women must deal with every year worldwide. Nothing can be done about a miscarriage, but you can get relief from the physical pain and discomfort it has caused.

Post natal massages that follow a miscarriage are designed especially to relieve the stiffness, cramps, and pain that follow events like these. You need your rest right now, and our massage therapists are ready to come to you to provide the care and compassion that you need.

In-Home Sessions, So You Can Recover at Your Own Pace


The pain that is left behind after a miscarriage is so much more than physical. You need to give yourself time to mourn, to rest and to wait until you feel at home in your own body again. All of our services are delivered to you at your home, at the time that you feel most comfortable receiving visitors.

Our massage therapists are trained and certified to handle clients who are in your situation. They will be gentle with you and respectful of your needs and limits in this trying time. They want to help you, and there is a significant amount of help that they can provide.


How Theraply's Post Natal Massages Can Help After a Miscarriage

A postpartum massage after a miscarriage can be an important part of a holistic plan for physical recovery and mental well-being. These massages can help you achieve all of the following.

Relieve Pain

The significant stress that is placed on the womb by pregnancy is not relieved on its own. The muscle pains, stiffness, and cramps will remain if they are not treated. Relieving this pain can be an important part of recovery. Quickly relieving pain can help you get back on your feet sooner so that you are more resistant to depression.

Encourage the Movement of Stale Materials

Experienced massage therapists who work with clients who have miscarried understand the necessary techniques to remove items from the uterus that have been left behind, which is very vital to prevent septic infections from occurring. This can also relieve pain in addition to restoring a natural menstrual cycle. 

Speed Up Your Recovery

The physical motions in a massage and stimulation of specific acupressure points help deliver endorphins throughout the body. Pain is reduced, the immune system is strengthened and feelings of peace and happiness return more quickly. It is still healthy to mourn after a miscarriage, but a massage can help ensure that mourning is a productive step toward moving forward.

Restore Natural Circulation

Miscarriages may be followed by intensely unpleasant feelings and side effects, such as shivering and numbness. These symptoms are a result of impeded blood circulation throughout the body and are common to all types of pregnancies. The natural movement of the blood can be restored through massage.

Prepare for Future Conception

A miscarriage is a tragic event, but it is not the end. The body will heal and recover, and when it is ready, you can try again as so many women have done. Getting a recovery massage after a miscarriage will help you return your womb to the state that it was before pregnancy, so that you are ready to try conceiving again later on with a healthy body and mind.

Theraply's Miscarriage Recovery Massage 5 Days Program and Prices

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