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Get real relief for engorged breasts and increase your breast milk production levels with a lactation massage by Theraply today.

What is a lactation massage, and it’s benefits

A lactation breast massage is massage technique done after a woman has delivered her baby and has started to experience engorgement.

It is primarily used to aid the production of milk within mammary glands, so that the newborn child has a constant supply of milk available. Lactation massages also help mommies to be relieved of painful and uncomfortable breast engorgement, blocked milk ducts. Regular sessions of a lactation massage help to reduce the frequency of a woman experiencing engorgement, prevent mastitis.

Pro Tip: When done in conjunction with Theraply’s antenatal and postpartum full body massages, the massages help to activate the production of hormones such as oxcytocin and prolactin throughout the body. The process of breastfeeding your child triggers the release of oxytocin and prolactin hormones, which is responsible for making a mother feel a stronger sense of nurturing towards the infant,while higher levels of oxytocin in the body helps the healing process of making the uterus contract and return to it’s normal size.

Who Is Suitable For lactation massages?

Any woman who has given birth is suitable, regardless if they choose to feed their child with formula milk or breast milk. lactation massages help to not only speed up the tedious process of using breast pumps to extract milk, but to also make it less forceful as the milk ducts are clear of any blockages that may cause the process any discomfort. This is especially helpful for mommies whether they opt for latching or a non latching feeding method for their infants.

What Does Theraply Offer For Lactation Massages?

Theraply provides breast massage treatments done in the convenience and privacy of your own home. This will allow you to save valuable time that can be put towards getting more sleep or your own pumping schedules. Additionally, Theraply utilizes the traditional Javanese Jamu massage techniques together with the use of hot stone treatment to increase the massage’s effectiveness.

Theraply’s Lactation Massage Prices

*Prices displayed are before any bonus credits, user level discounts are applied

We offer a 45 min in-home lactation massage at :

We recommend using a session of lactation massage in the above programs of at least once a week, twice a week if engorgement is very severe.

How To Book Your Breast Massage Treatment With Theraply

Booking the massage program with us is a simple process that can be easily completed by you or the person taking care of you during your recovery.Follow the easy steps below to proceed.


Register and verify your account

We will require some basic information so that your user account will be created with accurate information, you will be able to manage your treatment appointments, see your purchase history and also leave us notes about your condition in your user account before a therapist shows up at your door. This sign up process will only take a couple of minutes. Please complete your profile to obtain up to $50 in free credits that can offset your purchase.


Choose your preferred time slot

Use the calendar after you select the 5 Days Recovery program to choose your preferred date and time.


Link your preferred debit or credit cards to pay for your program

Within your profile, add your card to begin finalizing your order.


Await confirmation

We will confirm your payment and then send you a second confirmation as soon as we have designated a massage therapist. If you need to reschedule your appointment for any reason, please do so at least an hour in advance using your user account's “manage appointments” feature.

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