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Confinement Food Catering By Theraply

Recuperate and recharge your body after giving birth with the help of our nourishing and convenient traditional style confinement meals. We cater our specially-prepared meals directly to your home so that the hassle of shopping and cooking doesn’t distract from the special time that you’re sharing with your infant. 

We make getting the food you need as easy as possible. Simply select the number of days you wish to have your confinement meals catered , and we'll make sure you get fresh and delicious healthy dishes delivered to your doorstep everyday.

Why Do I Need Confinement Food Catering?

Old wives tales aside, proper nutrition is essential for women after childbirth or a miscarriage, in order to allow the body to recover fully and regain it's former peak of health. This is especially important in Singapore, where the modern and younger generation of women are too busy to brew and prepare tonics or whip up nutritional meals that require long hpors of preparation during their weakened physical state.

Every woman who goes through pregnancy experiences a significant shift in hormone levels along with other chemical changes in the body. These changes can have unsettling consequences, including prolonged dizziness, nausea, restlessness or depression. When combined with the emotional stress of caring for a newborn, exhaustion can quickly take hold.

The body’s chemical balance must be reset. The importance of resetting the body is one of the reasons confinement recovery remains popular. Returning to a natural equilibrium takes relaxation and a lot of bed rest. However, it also takes consistent and proper nutrition.

We make it easier to get your confinement food without having to get a confinement nanny to cook it for you, every delivery is well packed and hygienic and designed to provide you the proper balance of protein, nutrients and vitamins that your body requires.

The Vital Role of Nutrition During Your Confinement Period

Women who have completed a pregnancy will often find themselves starved of some of the most important nutrients. The diet that they need to follow during confinement must focus on providing their body with the energy to rebuild torn tissues and depleted cells and to restore the nutrients that were sapped by the demands of pregnancy.

Infusions of healthy fats, electrolytes, calcium, iron, and collagen can all speed up the recovery process and return the body to a state of normalcy. Anti-inflammatory nutrients also play an important role in easing the aches and pains that follow pregnancy. 

Confinement Food Nutrition Is Important For The Baby, too!

Confinement food is carefully chosen, but not just for the benefits that it brings to the mother. The nutrients in the food the mother consumes will be passed on to her baby through breast milk, and that means special care must be taken to consume only foods that help both the baby as well as the nursing mother.

These are all concerns that we understand. Our food and nutrition meal-planning strategies are based on the best recommendations from qualified experts in the field. Each item is chosen based on the levels of nutrition that it provides in relation to it’s portion sizes. Our meals promote both long-term preventive health benefits and recovery so that you can easily get back on your feet after pregnancy.

How Are Theraply's Confinement Meals Any Different From Other Caterers?

Theraply is well known for it's expertise in pregnancy care services, and that includes extensive knowledge in nutrition for mummies. We are believers of the traditional confinement herbal recipes, but without the hard-to-swallow bitterness of medicinal herbs.

Our dishes are designed around these four core principles:
  • Making confinement food affordable, without compromising on quality, freshness and nutritional benefits.
  • Our meals are designed to give you the right amount of vitamins, nutrients and also collagen to repair damage to your body.
  • While we retain the traditional confinement recipes for their health benefits, the flavours that come with our meals do not taste like bitter herbal medicine. The taste of of our food is both appetizing and delicious , you don’t have to fret about having to consume traditional confinement meals for several weeks in a row.
  • Every meal that we deliver to you is prepared using the best food handling and hygiene practices in the food industry as required by Singapore’s food safety regulatory agencies.

Still undecided? Take a look of at our extensive food menu first before you place an order, we guarantee that our wide selection of over 100+ dishes will have you looking forward to our delivery team ringing your doorbell to bring you our deliciously nutritious lunch and dinner sets.

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How to Book Your Confinement Meal Catering

Follow these step-by-step instructions to have your confinement food delivered as soon as possible.


Register your account

You can start an account with just an email address and a password. To make deliveries, we’ll need some basic information about where to deliver the food to, and the proper procedures for entering your building if you live in a private residence.


Choose the duration of the confinement food to be delivered

Pick from either of our 7 days, 14 days, or 28 days lunch and dinner catering options. Be sure to choose the correct date of commencement, and make sure your delivery address is accurate.


Pay for your selected catering plan

Make payment for your selected plan option, and we will start ordering the fresh ingredients for your order as soon as possible.


Let us do the rest

We will ensure your daily confinement meals are prepared on time, hygienically, and packed meticulously before we deliver them to your location. During the course of the catering, feel free to reach out to us with feedback or questions, we will be happy to receive your valuable input.

Frequently Asked Questions About Confinement Meal Catering

We’d like to hear from you if you have any questions about our confinement meals. You can contact us directly through the website or app if you have any questions about our foods preparation standards, delivery methods or any other inquiries. Below, we’ve provided answers to some of the most common questions we receive.