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How Using Theraply Makes Your Pregnancy Journey Affordable


Are You Really Making The Right Decisions for Your Pregnancy Journey?

Listen up, there’s something you need to know. You’ve been looking for pregnancy and post-pregnancy care services the wrong way.  What?  Yes, entirely wrong. Before you continue reading the rest of this guide, please understand that we are sick of seeing people make the wrong decisions because of opportunistic businesses taking advantage of them.

This is the reason why Theraply was created. 

Now, let’s understand the problems first before we show you how Theraply can really provide you high-quality treatments at affordable and sensible prices.


What does the pregnancy journey cost in Singapore?

We all know that living in an advanced first-tier country like Singapore can be financially draining, and the idea of starting a family or bringing a new life into this world requires very careful planning and calculations. There are several articles online on this topic, such as the popular one from the monetary advice blog


The costs cited in the article are of course not applicable to every single family. Especially those with problems conceiving a child, where the couple has to seek out solutions such as IVF treatments and also pregnancy insurance.


Theraply was formed with the ideology of making affordable pregnancy care and postpartum recovery services available to women in Singapore that hail from every walk of life, without having to sacrifice on the quality or effectiveness of the results.


In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to not only get the best bang for your buck by using Theraply’s services but also why other service providers aren’t doing the same.

Ordering From Several Massage Providers Versus Having One Trusted Provider

It is a common practice in Singapore where women seeking pregnancy care services will seek out multiple providers in the form of both established companies or a supposedly recommended freelancer therapist found online. This is mainly due to the misconception that doing so will actually help you get more massages for a lower price. (We said it is a common practice, we never said it made any sense to do so)

A good number of the consumers seeking pregnancy-related treatments and services every year often shop for price comparisons online, or attend baby fairs at exhibition halls to try and hunt down a bargain deal for prenatal and postnatal packages. While it may seem economically viable to some people, it is actually a waste of both time and money.

How is that even possible, you ask?


Here’s the reason why:

In our 19 years in business as Nouri face & Body Concepts previously, we actively tracked the reasons why people engaged our services and found that a very large percentage of them came to us only after paying for and trying out a freelance therapist they found online, or from another smaller company they met at an exhibition fair who sold them packages on so-called “exclusive discount prices”.

We would say the percentage of such people in our customer base was around a whopping 47%, with 100% of them citing that the reason for coming to us was because the previous person or company they engaged did not deliver the desired results that they were promised or expecting.

So, Why Is that Bad Exactly?

This is very alarming because pregnancy care services should focus solely on ensuring the safety and well-being of the customers, as well as delivering positive results that will improve the conditions of both mother and baby. But sadly, a lot of consumers aren’t focusing on the right objectives when shopping around for pregnancy care, and they get caught up in between a freelancer masseuse looking to increase her income, and a less than an ethical company looking to close a package deal to meet their business overheads and sales targets.

The Most Common Reasons Why Most Freelance Massage Therapists Can’t Produce Results

  • Freelancers can’t afford the time to make sure each massage is done properly and effectively, because they work alone and they can only take on so many customers at a time. Hence, the effectiveness and quality of the massages get affected when they take on new customers to increase their earnings.



  • The demand for their services from consumers leads to them making bad choices. This one doesn’t apply to everyone, but we know there’s a large number of women who do this: Engaging multiple providers for several trial or one-off sessions.

If you engage just three sub-standard providers for a trial session, before settling on one that really meets your expectations- that amount could already significantly offset the cost of engaging an effective service provider that you are satisfied with for your desired treatments.


To be fair and completely honest, this type of circumstance can only occur when a consumer is not well informed or too focused on ‘ getting a cheap deal‘ by looking at the face value of prices being displayed, which is the bait used by unethical and less-than-professional providers to attract more customers, and pressure them into buying more services later on. Pregnancy care or postpartum services are not a commodity or a vanity beauty treatment, they are directly related to your health and well being. As such, they are often priced accordingly and similarly to how medical services are offered in the market.


massage services

Please excuse the shameless plug. we will only do it once, we promise.

Theraply really wants to change this bad practice in the business from both consumers and providers, so instead of trying to earn more money from customers through selling packages that come with a lot of sessions that give off a false impression of a ‘good deal‘, we’re going to teach you how to navigate our platform and get the best value in both price as well as the results of such pregnancy care services.


But first,

Defining your Pregnancy Care Goals and Objectives.

Before you can even identify what is a genuine ‘bargain’ or something that has been packaged and presented to look like a good deal even if it isn’t, you will need to define what your own personal goals are in engaging such services.

First of all, what you need to consider is if your own personal pregnancy care expectations align with, or match your budget(a realistic one).

Do you want to have an easier and less physically demanding pregnancy where you can still function at work before you go on maternity leave, and have an easier time managing your contractions and regaining your pre-pregnancy figure after giving birth?

Or are you simply looking for a few sessions of massages to feel relaxed while you are at a resting home? Once you have decided on what you want for the well-being of both you and your child, set a realistic budget in mind for what you can afford to achieve those objectives.

Your expectations should be categorized into three core groups:

  • Pregnancy care ( all the way to your EDD)
  • Post-pregnancy care ( up to when you are due to return back to your job)
  • Confinement Period Nutrition -do factor in if you will be feeding your child breast milk or powdered formula as the nutrition you receive is crucial to produce breastmilk.

Factor in things such as:

  • How strenuous or stressful is your job or lifestyle, and how it impacts your pregnancy
  • How soon or far away you are from your expected delivery date(EDD)
  • How important is it to fit back into your usual pre-pregnancy outfits, or if you will be buying a whole new wardrobe after giving birth
  • if you will be having a parent, in-law, relative to be helping you round the clock during your confinement period to help cook meals for you

Every parent will have different objectives and scenarios as well as limitations, so do try and be as well thought out as you possibly can.

Conduct Logical Comparisons of Prices

Once your expectations are outlined and in line with your budget, do a search and comparison online to see how nearly 99% of other providers are selling their services or packages.

If you have an eye for detail, you will definitely notice that the bulk of them do it sold on either a per-session basis or in blocks of 10 sessions if they are a freelancer therapist or a registered business. Do also keep in mind that several providers in the market may or may not charge extra transportation fees for an in-home massage.

A lot of them will only talk about the purported benefits of such a service, but no real indication of what their techniques can really provide for you individually.

Search for these massage service providers by name and read every single online review that they have:

If they have more bloggers or influencers praising them to high heaven, than they have real reviews from normal people, there’s a high probability that they drove their customers into our arms in the past, because they failed to produce results for their customers.


But if their number and quality of legitimate and positive business reviews on their Google business profiles and Facebook pages correlate with the number of blogger or influencer posts, forum threads talking about them, congratulations-you have probably found a decent provider.

Now, calculate what it would cost to hire them for both prenatal and postnatal massages, and then add the cost of either having a confinement nanny or a confinement food catering service if they have it, based on which one applies to your situation.

That total amount is the true cost of getting consistent results for your pregnancy care. Real and effective results cannot be accomplished by hiring different providers for both prenatal and postnatal massages, because every provider has a different set of massage techniques and skill levels depending on their therapist’s experience level as well as how stringent the company’s own training sessions are. The other main factors that affect how much results you get from pre and postnatal massages are:

  • How often you have the massage appointments- the bigger the gap between each appointment, the lesser results you will achieve.


  • If you often insist to your therapist to apply more pressure when massaging you, when they should instead be focusing on using the right massage techniques on specific areas that need to be treated, and not giving your tired aching muscles a rub-down. (Prenatal and postnatal massages are not to be confused with deep tissue massages-which are typically discouraged during pregnancy as they may cause miscarriage or induce early labor, educate yourself on the difference so you do not get ripped off or harmed by eager-to-please masseurs or establishments)


  • Not following specific instructions especially during postnatal confinement. Many, and we mean many customers over the years have disregarded specific instructions from whomever they engaged for confinement care, and in doing so- not only have they forfeited their chance to get great results, but also end up with chronic aches and pains that continue to plague them even several years after they have given birth due to insisting on not covering up properly or using air conditioning after giving birth.


So How Do You Obtain Results and Not Overspend?

if you’re still reading, congrats. Let’s get down to how using Theraply makes your pregnancy journey truly more affordable without using gimmick sales pricing.

Now that you know your expectations and objectives, and the reasons why a bunch of people doesn’t obtain really awesome results that make the pregnancy journey easier for themselves, let’s get down to how you can utilize Theraply’s services and not exceed your budget.

First, Theraply’s services are designed to produce results within a lesser number of sessions.

Why is that so?

Because we have seen customers in the past 19 years who don’t finish their sessions in full and leave three or four unused sessions due to reasons like being too busy or simply too lazy to come down to our previous company’s premises. So we redesigned the treatments to be more impactful, in the least number of sessions necessary. That way, customers don’t waste their hard-earned money on unused sessions. Thus, we don’t need to perform 10 sessions like most providers do, when we can deliver excellent results to the customer in just 5 sessions.

Our programs are in groups of five sessions each, each program is designed to accomplish specific objectives. You choose what fits your objectives, and only buy what you need so there’s no wastage or overpaying. And also, because we can deliver results in five sessions, our prices are definitely more friendly on the wallet as compared to what other providers charge in the industry.

Secondly, our prenatal and postnatal services are built to complement each other for even better results.

Our techniques are proprietary and formulated by experts including but not limited to Dr.Dewi, who is Indonesia’s top authority on Jamu massages – we designed the prenatal services to treat uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms, and ultimately make the birthing delivery process easier on their bodies, which in turn makes it much easier for us to treat our customers during the confinement period for recovery, and also shedding pregnancy weight gain.


We guarantee that if a customer comes to us from the start of their pregnancy until the end, the end results will be like nothing else they will have experienced elsewhere.


Ok, we hear you saying that’s great and all, but how do customers save money on the treatments? Here’s exactly how we pass on savings to our customers.

How to save money on pregnancy services and postpartum confinement

Theraply rewards you with bonus credits for doing things you’d already do on your own, such as adding your address to tell us where you want your massage to be delivered to.


Theraply is currently the first and only massage services provider in Singapore with bonus credits given away for free and also a ‘user account level ‘ feature.

What it does simply, is to firstly give free bonus credits to users who complete certain steps to complete their account profile, and also bestow up to $200 in free bonus credits as well as additional discount percentage tiers.

These credits can be used to offset massage services as well as Theraply’s confinement food catering 

Here is the breakdown of the bonus credits given and discount tiers for each user level

How do you utilize this feature to your advantage?

Every customer can simply obtain the free credits by completing their profile first and use those credits to offset their chosen treatment program. By purchasing that first treatment program, their user account level will be increased, which activates the respective rewards in the form of even more bonus credits and discount percentages.

These can then be used to offset the next steps of a customer’s pregnancy journey needs. This effectively ensures that all of our customers can enjoy real savings all year round without having to wait for seasonal promotions, and also get discounts on what they choose to purchase instead of being offered a “good deal” type of package by a pushy sales staff in a shop that is already heavily marked up and contains things that the customer really doesn’t require.

If you have planned out what you need or want during your pregnancy journey, simply start your pregnancy journey with us at any point, and you’ll be able to get your confinement care services at discounted rates without having to wait for a roadshow, fair, annual sales promotion. 

How Does Theraply’s Massages Fare Against Others?

Theraply's customer review

Karen trusted us for her whole pregnancy and postpartum needs.


Glad you asked. Here are all the key differences between Theraply’s massages as opposed to those from elsewhere.

  • We split up our prenatal massage programs to suit different trimesters- you only purchase the one you need and that applies to your current physical condition, and not what we want to sell you. Splitting it all into separate components will allow us to produce better results too.


  • Each type of program has five sessions. One of the reasons that you won’t need 10 or more, is because we pay attention to your pain points, by letting you inform the therapist how good or awful you feel an hour before the appointment. By working on your pain points and discomfort that presents itself at each session, your body will feel less fatigued or in need of more sessions. We realize the irony of a massage provider trying to sell fewer massages, but hey– we value effectiveness and customer satisfaction over profits any day.


Prenatal massage distress level analysis

You tell us how you are feeling on the day of your massage, an hour before we arrive, and we focus on treating that discomfort during the massage.


  • Our postnatal massage programs are split into three types as well, five sessions each. The key difference is, you pay for only what you need- confinement recovery or postnatal Jamu wraps for losing all that pregnancy weight if you have any. We don’t lump it all together, we let you choose the component that suits your needs and budget. It also has the distress level analysis shown above, we take your comfort and satisfaction in our results very seriously.


  • Should you require it, we also offer lactation massage programs to treat breast engorgement, and it also helps to prevent mastitis and aid in producing more breastmilk. We use hot stone therapy, which will be sure to provide relief for severe swelling and engorgement.



Theraply massage therapist

That’s Reena, on the right. You can view our customer’s review of her massage on google.

  • We only send very well trained and experienced expert massage therapists to you. The hiring criteria for our therapist jobs at Theraply are really stringent. One way that we fight the industry problem of non-effective freelance massage therapists, is by recruiting our own freelancers and training them really really well. And we pay them well too, so they can focus on you instead of thinking about how to earn more by taking on more customer bookings.



Theraply home massage

Experienced Therapists, a snazzy van and everything you need for your massage delivered to your door.

  • Our prices have no hidden costs, we don’t do sales pressure tactics. We created an app for the sole purpose of being transparent and letting our customers get the level of quality and satisfaction they deserve. If you spend on more services with us, we’ll ensure you get the discount tiers that will give you and your bank account peace of mind.



  • Last but not least, we have delicious confinement food that is nutritious and doesn’t have that horrid herbal taste. The meals are prepared under hygiene and food handling best practices, and suitable even for miscarriage recovery and mommies who need more lecithin in their diet to produce more breastmilk for their newborns due to its high nutrition values. Seriously, these dishes would make even the most nit-picky mother or father-in-law proud of your decision-making skills.


confinement meal dishes from Theraply


Conclusion..At Last.

It is our desire to help every mother in Singapore obtain high-quality prenatal care and postpartum services that won’t strain their finances and do an exceptional job at keeping the customers who entrust their health to us to be extremely satisfied with the services we perform for them.

Please help us to educate the soon-to-be mothers out there, and also bring about positive changes in the industry by sharing this post with someone whom you think can benefit from it.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the form below, or drop us a message on whatsapp at +65 91994189




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