The Key Areas to Avoid During Prenatal Massage

What Are The Key Areas to Avoid During Prenatal Massage?

Many women find massage and acupressure to be relaxing forms of an alternative therapy when pregnant. But, did you know that along will all the other precautions during a pregnancy massage that you’re sure to be taking, it is important to know the areas to avoid during the prenatal massage?

Acupressure, the manipulation of pressure points in the body, works by restoring the flow of Qi (vital energy) through pathways in the body known as meridians. Massage and acupressure can help lessen pain in the muscles and nerves during pregnancy. It can reduce anxiety and stress, and help you to get a better night’s sleep.

However, there are pressure points in the body, which occur along the meridians, that should be avoided during a prenatal massage to prevent pregnancy complications during all the trimesters. In fact, some acupressure points are thought to be linked to miscarriage, so it highly important that these areas are avoided during your prenatal massage.

If you are thinking about having a prenatal massage but want to take the right precautions during pregnancy, make sure you know the acupressure points to miss out. In this article, we’ll talk you through the main areas to avoid during prenatal massage in order to keep the risk of pregnancy complications at a minimum.

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Area to avoid on the Back: Bladder 32

Areas to avoid during pregnancy body massages

Meridians run all over the back, meaning that there are a number of pressure points that may cause pregnancy complications when they are stimulated. The lower back, in particular, is, therefore, one of the key areas to avoid during a prenatal massage.

The meridian that runs through the lower back includes a number of pressure points, and pressure on them carries the risk of pregnancy complications, including injury to both mother and fetus. Bladder 32, at the very base of the spine, must be avoided as it thought to trigger contractions. There is also an associated risk of tissue damage.

Area to avoid: Gallbladder 21

The shoulders are one of the most popular areas for massage, and acupressure is commonly applied to reduce neck and back pain. However, they are one of the areas to avoid during the prenatal massage because of the effects that pressure in this area may have on the pelvic floor.

The acupressure point Gallbladder 21 is located between the edge of the shoulder and the neck, on both sides. It can be manipulated to relieve tension in the pelvic floor. Precautions during pregnancy must be taken, though, as the pelvic floor supports the weight of the pregnancy, and you do not want to cause weakness in the pelvic floor. To avoid pregnancy complications, avoid this area in your prenatal acupressure.


Another of the areas to avoid during a prenatal massage is the waist. It is important to protect the waist area when you are carrying a child to keep pregnancy complications at a minimum. Acupressure and massage in this area are therefore not recommended for pregnant women, particularly in the first three months of pregnancy.

Pressure points Ren 6 and Ren 4, which lie just below the navel, should not be stimulated. This is to prevent injury to the fetus – one of the most important precautions during pregnancy that can be taken.

Points on the sacrum – a bone connected to the pelvis – should be avoided, as the pressure in this area may cause contractions. Excessive pressure could also induce labor, so it is best avoided to prevent pregnancy complications.

Taking the Right Precautions During Pregnancy

We all want to take the right precautions during pregnancy, so always consult your practitioner before booking a massage. They will know the areas to avoid during a prenatal massage and can help you prevent pregnancy complications from acupressure.

We recommend that you book with a practitioner that is experienced in prenatal massage to ensure that you are taking the right precautions during pregnancy. Please note that it is advised that you should avoid all prenatal massage if you are at a high risk of miscarriage.




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