Is A Prenatal Massage Safe

Is A Prenatal Massage Safe for Expectant Mums?

Although it has been practiced for centuries, prenatal massage in Singapore has only begun to gain traction in the last few decades as more women have started to discover its therapeutic and heuristic qualities.

While it offers various benefits to both mum and baby, it’s important to understand the rules for a safe pregnancy massage– and what to avoid – before you book your first appointment.

Things to Consider to Make Prenatal Massage Safe


Most doctors advise against getting a pregnancy massage during the first trimester, as it is a critical time when everything inside the amniotic cul-de-sac is starting to form.  Lots of women don’t experience backache in the first trimester anyway, but they do tend to feel generally tired and unwell from gestational nausea. Instead, save your pregnancy massages for your second and third trimesters.  Having a massage done at 36, 37, 38, or 39 weeks of your pregnancy is generally safe as long as you do not have any complications such as contractions, heavy spotting(mild spotting is fine), high blood pressure or if your physician has given you instructions to exercise caution.

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Proper Qualifications for pregnancy massage therapists

Because prenatal massage requires professional training and some medical understanding about how a massage session affects mum’s and baby’s biology, it is essential to avoid seeing a massage therapist who does not have the proper training in prenatal massage.  Your doctor should be able to recommend a properly trained therapist that they trust with the health of you and your baby. Avoid freelancers as they are more focused on signing on clients to earn more money, they simply cannot manage a multitude of appointments by themselves, and that may lead to negligence or poor quality experience.

Tools of the trade

Find out more about your massage therapist’s equipment before making an appointment with a therapist.  If the masseuse does not have a pregnancy-specific set of equipment, it’s vital that they understand how to make you comfortable that will help protect the baby at the same time. Usually, this can be achieved by using organic blends of Jamu herbal oils and creams to prevent harmful parabens and chemical compounds from entering your bloodstream through your pores that may endanger your fetus.


Knowing safe positions for your prenatal massage before you arrive at your appointment will help you to avoid injury or compromising the baby’s safety.  Ensure your prenatal massage therapist places you in a side-lying position, supported with pillows if necessary if you feel discomfort.

After 22 weeks, it’s especially important that you avoid lying on your back because it can unintentionally place pressure on a deep blood vessel that carries carrying blood and nutrients to your ba

Jamu Massage

Jamu massage techniques tend to be the safest for pregnant bodies.

It is essential to avoid deep tissue massages and any other approaches that may affect circulation or blood pressure – especially when massaging a pregnant woman’s calves and legs.  (Remember, a woman’s blood volume doubles during pregnancy.)

A high-risk pregnancy, high blood pressure, or sudden swelling could be reasons for you to avoid a prenatal massage altogether, so once again, speak to your doctor first if you have any symptoms, before you scheduling any antenatal massage treatments.

Back Pain

Even though it seems counterintuitive, massage therapy for lower back, pelvic, or sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy may not be the best treatment for everyone.

While it usually provides short-term relief for daily aches, it’s possible that massage can sometimes aggravate pregnant women’s pain due to pregnancy hormones that create a heightened sensitivity to pressure in the muscles of the pelvic girdle.

If you do struggle with chronic severe pain in your pelvic and hip areas, rather avoid prenatal massage until your doctor gives you the go-ahead.

Always check with your doctor first to see if prenatal massages are right for you.  If it is, we invite you to enjoy a prenatal massage with one of our certified therapists for some well-deserved rest and relaxation.


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