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Vaginal Tightening After Giving Birth

Vaginal Tightening by Theraply

Vaginal Tightening After Giving Birth

You’ve done it. You have brought your child into this world, and you are giving your little one all the care and attention they need. But what about you? Having gone through the stress and pain of childbirth, you also need to take care of yourself.

You may be thinking about getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight or a routine of self-care. However, there is another thing you shouldn’t neglect. If you want to get yourself closer to how you were before giving birth, you should also consider tightening your vagina.

After giving birth vaginally, your downstairs obviously won’t be the same. It will be sore, potentially dry, and wider. These issues will likely fix themselves somewhat. However, your intimate area will not be exactly as it was before your baby arrived. Not without a little bit of help that is.


Vaginal Tightening With No Need For Surgery

There is a surgical option to reconstruct a part of the external area of the vagina. Known as a Labiaplasty, this surgery reconstructs the Labia Minora. It’s intended for women whose labia are a source of discomfort or who don’t like how their labia look. This is a major decision. It is plastic surgery and is traditionally for cosmetic reasons. It won’t do much for any internal widening that has happened.

If you want to avoid any surgery and simply desire to restore some tightening to a widened vagina, then there are options.

Exercise: Your doctor will recommend you to do pelvic floor exercises. This is an excellent method of vaginal restoration after a natural delivery. These can be done anytime and anywhere, sitting or standing. These exercises involve tensing and relaxing muscles around the perineum, anus and in the vagina. You tense the muscles, hold the tension, and release. This needs to be done at varying speeds in order to strengthen the muscles. Since these are subtle movements, they can be done practically anywhere.

Yoga is also a good method of vaginal tightening after giving birth naturally. This can also help you on your way to getting your pre-baby body back. However, make sure you go to a class or find an instructor. Otherwise, if you do the moves incorrectly, you could end up hurting yourself.



Ratus  Steam Treatment:

This treatment smokes and herbally steams your intimate area. Ratus is a jamu treatment that has a long history. It originates in Indonesia on the island of Java. Originally, its function was for women to prepare for their wedding night. Modern women now use it as part of their routine for vaginal rejuvenation.

Most women use it after their period as a way of freshening up. On top of this, it said to be able to tighten the vagina. If you have delivered naturally, this is an excellent method of vaginal rejuvenation and tightening up after childbirth.


Vaginal rejuvenation using jamu herbs by Theraply

An example of how ratus Jamu steam is administered

The treatment involves going to a ‘v-spa‘. Here, you will sit on a chair with a towel over it. This chair has a hole on top and a shelf underneath. This shelf is where the individual providing you with the treatment will place a pot containing hot coals and the ratus Jamu powder.

This powder is a mixture of herbs and spices, which include sandalwood and cinnamon. These herbs and the heat are supposed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and restore the vagina by tightening up your muscles. Many women have noticed a difference even after just one treatment.

Other benefits of Ratus Jamu Treatment

  • Cleanses the vagina of dried blood and speeds up healing of torn tissue within

  • Prevents infections caused by leftover stale materials especially after a miscarriage

  • Removes bad odours . The herbal steam is effective at getting rid of bad smells


If you are in any way looking to restore yourself and down below to how you felt the before the baby arrived, make sure you look after every part of yourself. Always stay safe, do your research, and prioritize self-care. If you have any concerns, worries or if something feels very wrong, make sure you consult your doctor. You know your body best. Treat it well for both you and your baby’s sake.


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