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Why You Need a Postnatal Massage During Your Confinement Period

postnatal massage during confinement period

Why You Need a Postnatal Massage During Your Confinement Period

Giving birth will probably be one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do. Whether your little bundle of joy was intended or not, you must endure nine months of absolute turbulence. From odd food cravings – who’d have thought pickles and ice cream would work so well? – to incredibly swollen feet and mood swings worse than the ones, you experienced during puberty. When the baby comes, there’s a variety of emotions. Excitement, nerves and stomach-falling-out kind of fear. Just like that: from the prenatal, you’re now postnatal.

Every woman is different: for some, the prenatal period can be the most challenging part of having a baby, whereas, with others, it’s what comes after the birth that hits hardest. Of course, raising a child is a whole new ballgame than growing them in your tummy. Yet, they’re both different and difficult in their own ways.

So, now what? Your little one is here and you’re putting all your motherhood knowledge to the test. Everything you read in the books, everything you’ve heard from friends to the random Google searches, this is what it has all lead up to.

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But, wait a second: as important as the baby is, you mustn’t forget their mother is just as important! It can be easy to neglect yourself as a new mother. Your entire focus is on the baby. Your sleep may become scarce and your love life isn’t what it used to be, but it is vital to think of yourself and the postnatal care you can give to you.

What is proving super beneficial to many new moms is a postpartum massage during the confinement care period. It’s not just the giving birth that takes its toll on your body, but the entire pregnancy too. Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. A massage after delivering a baby can be rejuvenating and heal you in ways you may not have been aware of before.

Benefits of postnatal massage

Here are just some of the reasons why massage is important after delivery and how it can benefit new moms:


  • All the usual benefits of a massage which help relieve tension in muscles, alleviate stress and improve blood flow.


  • In addition to the usual, the perks of this kind of postnatal care specifically are: help with balancing hormones, improving sleep and even improving breastfeeding. The latter point may seem a bit bizarre, however, massage in the chest can open shoulders and increase milk production and therefore improve lactation.


  • Advanced treatment can also aid in C-section recovery.


  • If you are experiencing postnatal depression, massage therapy can also be of help to this. Although massage will not cure depression (would you believe!) it can reduce stress and relax you, which can be a huge help to the symptoms of postnatal depression. Massaging the body reduces biochemicals that are associated with depression.

How soon can I get a massage after giving birth?

The answer to this is a soon as you feel ready for one after you give birth. When you feel you are able to take a healthy break from your newborn and take time out not just to be with yourself, but to give yourself a treat you so much deserve, then you are ready.

However, do note that if you delivered your baby by cesarean, you will need to wait till the c-section scar is completely healed up first before you can get a confinement massage


Postpartum massage benefits are plenty, and you deserve to make your body feel great after the trials it’s been through in the last nine months.

Through the struggle and strain we all experience throughout our lives, a massage will always be beneficial. Giving birth validates this point more than almost anything else we go through in our lives. To bring yourself and your body slowly back to harmony, equilibrium and to tune yourself into a new life of motherhood, then the benefits of a postnatal massage may just be the next steps to take on your path.


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