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Lymphatic Massages after Giving Birth – Ridding Your System of Epidurals

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic Massages after Giving Birth

For many women, the pain of intensive labor is too much to manage naturally. For this reason, epidurals have become increasingly common. However, while epidurals can help ease labor and birthing pains, they also come with several risks. Even after giving birth, the drugs in the epidural remain in the mother’s system.

Luckily, there’s a way to get rid of these drugs in the system through a simple technique: a lymphatic drainage massage.

This guide will go over this procedure, what it entails, and how it can assist in detoxing the body from epidural after giving birth. While the main purpose of this kind of therapy is to rid the body of the pain killer, it also has proven to have some positive benefits on a postnatal body.

Epidurals – Risks and Potential Harmful Effects

Epidurals can present several health risks and harmful effects on both the mother and the baby. There are debates as to whether an epidural during labor can present the baby with health risks. Potential side effects include an impacted breathing cycle and an increase in fetal heartbeat. As well, it may cause fetal malpositioning, which is the abnormal positioning of the baby’s head in the womb.

An epidural can also threaten certain health risks for the mother, too. This could be more instant side effects such as a significant drop in blood pressure, nausea, difficulty pushing and a headache. There are also more longstanding effects of an epidural of which mothers should be aware of. These can range from nerve damage to the risk of infection, and even severe migraines

When to Get a Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The risks associated with epidurals are why more women are following up the treatment with lymphatic drainage. This treatment can be of huge benefit for a mother during postpartum care.

One of the best ways to ensure your body recovers properly is having a massage after giving birth. The great thing about this is that you can have a massage as soon as the baby comes out. If you’re feeling up to it, the sooner, the better. A post-pregnancy massage will alleviate your pain, which may be at its highest after delivery.

Postpartum confinement massage by theraply

Theraply provides confinement massages that combine lymphatic drainage massage techniques

What Is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is a type of therapy that uses gentle pressure, with slow, steady and relaxing strokes. The movement helps to encourage lymphatic drainage.

Lymphatic drainage is important in the body. The lymph system works with the immune system to aid with fighting infection. The lymph system transports nutrients and oxygen to cells. It also helps flush out toxins through the lymph nodes. The massage encourages the flow and drainage of the lymph. As such, it can keep your immune system working properly.

This type of massage is beneficial, not just for pain and stress, but for a variety of other physical factors. The biggest benefit of all is helping to detox your body of epidural residue.

Cleansing Your Body of Epidural and Other Benefits

An epidural can remain in the body for up to a week. During that time, it poses a risk of infection. Lymphatic drainage helps fight off these unwanted pathogens and assists the body’s healing process. It cleanses the body of epidural and any other unnatural chemicals.

A lymphatic drainage massage also has benefits for the post-natal body overall. Pregnancy can cause the immune system to run at a slower speed. An improved lymph system can give you that immune boost your body is craving.

The treatment also helps your body to reduce water retention. This can ease off swelling in parts of the body that have been affected by pregnancy such as the feet, ankles, and fingers. The flow of the lymph system and blood with this massage can reduce uncomfortable bloating.

Another benefit of this kind of post-partum care is that it can boost weight loss. The metabolic rate will increase as your lymph system improves. Weight gain from pregnancy can be a source of unhappiness for some women. Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more advantages to having a lymphatic drainage massage, think again! It also has shown to speed up healing in scar tissue, such as with stretch marks.


If you are looking for a way to restore your health, immunity, inner body and out, and to treat your body when it needs it most, then a lymphatic drainage massage will be just right for you.


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