10 Fun Things To Do As A Couple Before The Baby Arrives

Fun things to do as a couple before thwe baby arrives

Welcome to the last month of pregnancy: with you so preoccupied with the impending arrival of your little one, every interaction with your partner is bound to be “baby-centric.”

After all, there seems to be a countless number of things both of you need to do for your baby’s arrival – the right crib to buy for the nursery, the many new-born outfits to add to your shopping cart, not to mention the countless hospital trips scheduled. In the flurry of activity, there can be little space left in your brain for daily functions like deciding what to have for dinner;much less think about ways to have fun with your partner!

But your lives, as both of you know it, will change forever upon the arrival of your precious one.It will no longer just be you and your husband – doing your own thing, being your silly selves, responsible only for yourselves and to each other. So,if you’re looking for some ways to sneak in some quality bonding time with your partner before you both get overwhelmed by relentless 3 AM nursing cries, look no further.

Go on a babymoon

You can think of a babymoon like the calm before the storm; it’s your chance to connect with your husband, get some much-needed relaxation and pamper yourself in a foreign land before the both of you embark on the exciting new journey of parenthood.

Given how heavily pregnant you are, sitting still for a long time can be uncomfortable, so you should consider a location that’s a relatively short drive or flight away.

Are you staring at the world map and at a loss as to where you should head to? Well – read Singapore Tatler’s article on the five best babymoon destinations in Asia, maybe it’ll inspire you. And we probably don’t need to tell you this, but don’t forget to get insured!

Pregnancy Massage

Enjoy a movie date

There is absolutely no way that the die-hard Marvel fans would appreciate you bringing your baby to the latest Avengers movie once they’re born, so take the chance now to see as many movies as you can in a theater!

You may need to get up often for bathroom breaks, so it’d be wise for both you and your husband to fork out a little bit extra for the seats at the back of the theatre. You don’t want to trip over anyone’s feet in the dark! Or, if you wanted to jazz up the entire experience, you could opt for the following premium experiences at their respective movie theaters:

Take lots of naps

Snuggling, feeling your precious one move together, and staying in bed for hours on a lazy Sunday is the best. And besides, nights get longer and sleep become more scarce – as if it wasn’t already little enough – after your baby is born, so enjoy all the naps you can get with your husband now.

Get busy under the sheets

Many women fear that the contractions brought about by a powerful orgasm in the last month of pregnancy might bring about premature labor, but there’s no reason for concern. The big O will not trigger labor unless your body – and baby – is ready. If your doctor has deemed you as a case of low-risk pregnancy, then sex during all nine months is safe.

But of course, your pregnant belly can present a challenge and may require you to modify some of your old favorite sex positions to maximize comfort for yourself; but we’re sure your husband is bound to love the opportunity to try out new positions!

Pamper yourself

There’s nothing like a soothing massage to rub away the strains and pains you’ve gotten from carrying around a growing baby around. Prenatal massages can reduce stress hormones in your body, relax, and loosen your muscles. There’s more great news if you’ve been dealing with edema (swelling of the ankles and feet).

The Javanese massage methods commonly employed by prenatal massage therapists here in Singapore can help break up the accumulation of bodily fluids, in turn, significantly reducing swelling in your lower extremities. You can look forward to having shoes that fit correctly again!

Take a look at this article to find out how you can choose a licensed massage therapist who knows exactly how to safely relieve any pressure or pain related to your changing anatomy.

And don’t fret, your husband won’t be left out of the fun. You can book a couples massage session; this way, your husband can be pampered right next to you and get all the knots out of him before he takes on the challenges of fatherhood!

Things to do as a Pregnant Couple

Host a dinner party together

Making time for friends can get a little tricky once your baby arrives, and you need to plan your entire day’s schedule around the little one’s feeding, nap, and diaper-changing timings.

The last month of pregnancy is an excellent time to catch up with your – and your husband’s – friends before the permanent alteration of both your lives. It’ll be the perfect opportunity for both of you to have a great time while flexing your culinary muscles.


You can forget about enjoying a quiet dinner at your favorite restaurant once your baby is born. Make use of the time now to enjoy a peaceful dinner filled with intellectual conversations with your partner – before your lives get swept away by a baby-talk, take-away pamphlets, and kid’s portions.Also, given how many quality romantic fine-dining restaurants there are in Singapore, you’d be hard-pressed to get to all of them before your baby arrives. Best to start tonight!

Get dressed up

You’ll soon realize that while the motherhood gig is undoubtedly completely fulfilling, it isn’t very glamorous. Before you trudge around with half your hair full of dry shampoo, baby vomit, and slobber, you might want to get fancied up and go on a date with your husband.

Ignite the past excitement you both felt during the first dates when you both put a little extra effort into your pre-date attire. You never know; this night might lead to some sexy action too!

Read a non-baby-related book together

You must be sick about learning how big your baby is, and what she or he is doing inside your womb by now. Well, take a break! Parenthood is a never-ending journey; you and your husband will have the rest of your lives to figure it out. 

Find a book that is entirely unrelated to babies and enjoy reading it together. And no worries if you’re too tired to take a trip to the bookstore or library – you can borrow e-books via the National Library Board App!

Take a class together

Learning something new together is bound to bring both of you closer together. Go ahead and try something you’ve always wanted to do – be it salsa dancing, ceramics, gardening, or calligraphy – learn how to do it together!

Bottom line

The weight of responsibility that is raising a child together can place unwanted tension in a marriage, but taking the time to nurture and nourish the relationship before the arrival of your baby can revitalize and strengthen the love between you and your husband. The shared experiences between both of you in the last month of pregnancy are bound to become much-cherished memories when a little one is added to your family.


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