Meet The Team

Theraply consists of the following individuals , and we are constantly adding new members to our ranks to help us grow and serve you better.

Valerie De Costa

CEO and Founder

Valerie has been serving mothers in Singapore with her massage techniques and skills for close to two decades. With three teenage kids of her own, she juggles family life and her career in Theraply with the same level of enthusiasm as she did when she started out in 2000. These days, Valerie no longer administers the treatment sessions herself, but spends her days managing the operations teams and continuing her mission to raise the quality of the services that we provide, and the levels of customer satisfaction. " We will go to wherever we are needed" - is what Valerie responded to her therapists when they expressed their disbelief after learning that the company would be offering it's services exclusively within the homes of their customers , instead of the shop appointments they were so used to for several years. It is with this mindset and driven commitment to improving service standards, that Theraply applies to each and every booking.

Dr. Dewi Rinawati

Honorary Advisor (Treatments and Techniques)

Dewi Rinawati (dr.), is a medical doctor skilled in beauty and cosmetics technologies, and passionate about Indonesian Jamu medicinal herbs especially those of Javanese origin. Having studied about cosmetics in Singapore before returning to her hometown in Semarang, Indonesia- she has been practicing and giving consultations to her own clientele, many of whom are public figures in Indonesia's socialite scene. She founded 'Vitaher' a company based in Semarang and began researching 'Curcuma xanthorriza' back in 2003 together with professionals from South Korea to formulate the implementation of 'Curcuma xanthorriza' as a core ingredient in several healthcare products. In the midst of this, she insisted on ethically sourcing the materials only from Java herbal farmers with the goal providing the farmers with stable income from their crops during the economic recession. This helped to sustain both her business and the farmers economically. Dr. Dewi is also credited for working with Theraply to improve the effectiveness of our Jamu massage techniques, and has personally trained several of the team captains and therapists on her own proprietary method of Jamu slimming wraps which was created solely for Theraply to use. She currently resides in Semarang, while researching more herbal materials for developing spa care products under the Kamaria brand.

Jason DC

VP of Growth, Co - Founder

Before we became Theraply, Jason had been with the brand for several years as our resident web development and marketing guy. His direction set the tone for the designs of Singapore's beauty salon and massage websites and social media posts that were heavily copied by several of our brand's former competitors. Not one to be outdone, Jason kept us at the forefront and maintained the brand's resonance with it's customers. He is credited with the decision to pivot our brand from a generic beauty salon into what we are today. The creation of Theraply and it's purpose to deliver safe and effective treatments into the homes of customers is one that has a personal meaning to him, as Jason is an amputee who lost his right leg in 2018 and often experiences issues with mobility and severe discomfort in his muscle tissues. And as such, he recognises the importance of providing consumers everywhere with easy-to-access effective treatments carried out by qualified experts, that remain affordable. He currently resides overseas, while spearheading Theraply's app development and marketing and branding teams.


Team Captain

Ivy is one of the main pillars of our front line service staff, she leads her team mates by example with her high quality massage skills and good people skills.

Yeeniz Foo

Team Captain and Account Manager

Our services rely upon the integrity, dedication and skill sets of our therapists. Yeeniz embodies those virtues and helps Theraply fulfill it's commitment to provide customers with good quality service and amazing results.

Rena Ooi

Senior Therapist

As a massage therapist with years of experience, Rena is no stranger to the rigidity and inflexibility of working in the massage and wellness industry. She is proof that if a good or better alternative system exists, that even the most doubtful individuals will come aboard eventually. In the beginning, Rena could not see how the massage industry would be disrupted by an app, but her time working with us has changed the way she views the future of of the overall industry. Today, not only is Rena happy to be working with the Theraply family, she has gained immense popularity amongst our clients by providing them an amazing massage experience with her firm massage strokes.

The Operations Team

While not therapists themselves, these gentlemen are an integral part of the Theraply family. In an era where every person who wants to take up a driving vocation opts to be a private hire driver for the few big players in Singapore, these individuals have instead chosen a different path that gives them the same income satisfaction in addition to having more social interactions while on the job. Our customers will encounter one or all of them at some point when they arrive together with a therapist to help set up or dismantle the massage beds, or deliver our confinement food catering to their doorsteps. It is with their help, that we are able to deliver and carry out our services all over Singapore with speed and accuracy.

Frankie Ng

Logistics and Transportation Partner, Central and East Zone

Jackie Goh

Logistics and Transportation Partner, North and West Zoner

Jebbie Tan

Confinement Meal Delivery Coordinator

Michael Gn

Logistics and Inventory