Faq Theraply

What is Theraply?

Theraply is a app based service that provides home based massages to any residence within Singapore.

We take care of everything from the qualified therapists, the necessary equipment and most importantly, the safety and comfort of our customers.

Does Theraply only do home based massages, or is there a shop or location for customers to have treatments done?

Theraply does not provide any services at our physical business address, our services are to be administered or performed in the home's of customers- be it a HDB flat, a condominium apartment or a private landed property. Alternatively, we can deliver our services within serviced apartments and hospital wards if permitted by the respective establishment's management.

How do I select a therapist?

Once you book your treatment and it is confirmed by our administrator online, a therapist with skillsets that matches your needs will be selected to be paired up with you. Our group of therapists are not omni-skilled, some are proficient in pregnancy massages, while some may only be proficient in postpartum Jamu massages. So we make sure to pair you with one that is a good fit for what you require.

Can I rebook with the same therapist?

Currently, it is dependent on the therapists' availability. We do not yet have the capacity to allow customers to rebook the same therapist, but this is something we are working on to provide an extra layer of confort and satisfaction to our customers, we will definitely update everyone when this is successfully implemented.

Is Theraply insured in the event of negligence during treatments?

Yes, we take the safety of both our therapists and customers very seriously. Our company has liability insurance coverage, on top of making sure that every therapist we work with receives additional training even if they come to us with years of experience under their belt, this is to ensure that our high standards for safety and satisfaction are met.

Applicants who wish to join us as therapists are required to have and undergo up to 300 hours of practical experience. As such, our selected therapists are those of the highest proficiency, conduct and ethics. We hope that every customer will treat our therapists respectfully and with good conduct.

What If I need to cancel an appointment for my massage , and reschedule it?

We allow cancellations without any penalty imposed as much as three hours in advance. Because we have our own Theraply vans to transport the heavy equipment and therapists to a booking destination, we require three hours notice so that every other customer's bookings won't be affected, and our teams won't be made to drive in heavy traffic to an appointment that is cancelled at the last minute ,after paying for diesel and any ERP gantry fees .

Should you perform a cancellation within three hours, you will be prompted to easily reschedule your new preferred date and timing from within your dashboard if you are on the web version of Theraply, or from the "Manage an appointment" section if you have downloaded our mobile app.

For cancellations made below the three hour notice period, we will have to impose a penalty fee comprising of 30% of the full price of a single session ( actual amount will vary due to different prices for different services).We thank you in advance for your kind understanding and cooperation in this matter.

I see male employees featured in your company's images, will you be sending a male therapist to massage me?

The male staff featured on our company's website pages, as well as our social media accounts are all operations staff, specifically our logistics and transportation team. They help drive our therapists to your location in our cool looking Theraply vehicles, as well as to assist with carrying the heavy equipment to into your residence for set ups and tear downs before and after each treatment session. As of now, we do not offer any treatment services that is carried out by a male massage therapist , nor do we have any services that cater to male clientele at the moment.

Please rest assured that your safety, privacy and comfort is our priority, and any male staff deployed to your location will not be physically present during the actual massage or treatment itself.

Can I book a therapist directly without going through the Theraply platform?

Please do not agree to any deals with any therapists made without the express permission of Theraply. While we treat our therapists as partners, in accordance with our terms and conditions -we do not allow them to solicit our customers outside of our platform. This is to protect the customer and therapists.

When you make any private transactions of this nature, Theraply will not be held responsible for your physical comfort and safety during massages, nor will we be responsible for any monetary disputes that may arise from such dealings. Our insurance coverage will not be applicable either, should you sustain any injuries during treatments stemming from unauthorized dealings made outside of our platform with any of our therapists.

Theraply spends time and money to ensure that every therapist on our platform is well trained, and well reimbursed when they do their duties. It is our hope that no customer does the unethical thing by making any deals in private with our therapists after all the effort we've taken to groom and improve their skill proficiency levels.

Theraply also reserves the right to ban and deactivate the accounts of both any therapist and customer immediately if evidence of any unethical and unauthorized behaviour is found.

Please help us to keep you and every other customers safe, by immediately reporting the incident to us if you encounter such behaviour from our therapists.

Must I use the mobile app at all times , or is there a web version ?

Theraply is available on both our website, as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS . Just make sure you use the same email address and password you created during registration to access all your treatment program info, and any rewards or bonuses. However, do note that using the mobile app has the added benefit of receiving reminders about your next appointment, and it also notifies you when your designated therapist has arrived at your door.

Why Should I trust Theraply, and not order massages from elsewhere?

Part of Theraply's core mission is to eradicate the existence of dishonest massage establishments that tarnish the industry's reputation with the use of gimmicks to attract customers, and then pressure them to buy very expensive 'packages' once they step through their doors. Theraply doesn't do any of that .Instead, we have very well thought out and stuctured treatment programs at very reasonable prices that should fit the needs of most customers. Customers only buy the programs that apply to their own individual state of health, and not under the influence of any hard-selling tactics.

And for total transparency, users of Theraply's app will be able to view their own entire purchase history and keep track of the number of treatment sessions they have used if they have purchased a program from us. Everything is accessible from with the user's dashboard at the click of a button. This helps our customers to avoid feeling like they are forced to top up more sessions than they really need- currently, there is no other similar establishment that does this.

Another reason that you should absolutely support us by giving us your business, is that we have hopes to grow our brand to the point where we can offer 'on demand' services , similar to the gig economy. We want to help Singaporean therapists increase their earnings and employability, which has been affected by the tough labour restrictions for service industries in Singapore. With your support, we will be one step closer to making our goal of helping local therapists a reality. For more information on our background in the business, as well as what we aim to do with Theraply, please visit this page.

What assurances does Theraply give customers, that we will honour all treatment sessions when a program is purchased?

We understand your doubts, and it is a good and fair question to ask. Theraply isn't a one of those new 'start ups' or multi-chain outlets that leave their customers high and dry after they have collected membership fees, subscriptions or package fees. Our track record in all of business dealings has been an unblemished and stellar one.

We have been around since the year 2000, first as 'Nouriskin' - a beauty salon, then we had to change our name due to trademark issues with a foreign company in 2001, where we became known as 'Nouri Face & Body Concepts' for the next 19 years-there is a good amount of information about this entity online. As part of changing dynamics for businesses in Singapore as well as Asia, we have decided to focus on the company's core strengths in the massage category, and become Theraply. We have outlasted nearly 80% of our peers in the industry who folded during the several economic recessions over the last two decades, and we have also adapted, grown and flourished through the support of our many long time customers from all over the world- all this was accomplished without a single complaint lodged against us in any capacity with any regulating agencies or authorities such as 'CASE' or other similar bodies.

You have our most sincere guarantee that our business ethics and commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is applied to every transaction that any customer makes with us.

Does Theraply help protect my personal information and data?

Yes, absolutely. We have no exceptions about this, and we guard our customer's privacy and personal information with more zeal than a jealous wife. We do not sell or trade any of our customer's data to any companies for profit making activities such as promotional collaborations, spam emails and so on.

Your data is accessible to third parties that we have no control over, such as Facebook, Google or YouTube, Apple Inc as we use those platforms for marketing and analytics purposes.

However, we do invest an adequate amount of time and money to make sure our digital infrastructure's systems are well guarded against online attacks, breaches and data theft carried out by malicious entities.

If I require assistance from Theraply, how do I contact your team?

If your inquiry is service related, we have contact forms on every service page, please proceed to the relevant service page that you are interested in, fill up the contact form at the bottom of that page and we'll make sure that the right person gets in touch with you as soon as we can.

If you require assistance with your Theraply account, in- app wallet, billing matters etc, you can proceed here to contact us.

For app related feedback such as bugs or errors , you can submit your report by selecting the 'feedback' option within the app itself.

For marketing and collaboration related matters, please visit this page.