In-Home Service Massage

Pregnancy & Postpartum In-Home Service Massage

The changes that occur throughout each stage of pregnancy can bring discomfort and disorientation, but you don’t have to suffer any longer. Now, the relief you’ve been waiting for is only a few taps away.

Let our massage therapists relieve your aches and pains and restore your sense of balance. We assist women who are at every step of their journey, from those who are looking to improve their fertility to those who wish to reclaim their natural equilibrium after pregnancy.

The Relief You need, Where You need it—In Your Home

Travel can be unpleasant before and after pregnancy. That’s why we bring our talents right to your door for the ultimate convenience and privacy. Enjoy the freedom to choose every part of your experience. Choose the type of treatment you most prefer, the time of your appointment and the areas of your body where you prefer our therapists to pay special attention to, as well as the amount of strength used during your massage.

Why Choose Theraply For Your Needs?

You don’t need more to worry about when you’re dealing with a pregnancy, so we’ve made sure that getting the relief you need is as easy as possible. Besides offering competitive pricing, great service and expert qualified therapists to massage you, we also provide a stress-free booking experience using the latest technology to ensure that our booking and scheduling process is simple, convenient and reliable.


Visit our user-friendly website or massage therapist app to book an appointment on the day and at the time that’s most convenient for you.


Watch for notifications that our friendly therapist has arrived at your home when it’s time for your appointment. Your therapist will arrive with everything necessary for a great massage.


Enjoy a massage completely tailored to your personal needs. Choose where you want your therapist to focus their attention and how much pressure you want them to apply.

You can get started right away if you know what type of massage you need. If not, you can find more information about all of our great massages, just below.

Awesome Bonus Rewards, Discounts And More With Theraply.

  • We know that having a baby in Singapore can be fairly expensive, and it is for that reason that we created Theraply to help couples to spend less money on their entire pregnancy care needs with our unique rewards system.

  • With every purchase of any service we offer, your user account instantly obtains points. What are these points for? The points are accumulated in your user account to upgrade you from user levels 1-10. Each different level comes with a different reward ranging from bonus credits that you can use to offset your next purchase, to discount tiers that provides further savings on your pregnancy care needs.

  • The savings you can potentially make if you start your pregnancy care journey with us from ordering prenatal massages, postpartum services and having confinement catering meals delivered to you, makes Theraply one of the most attractive priced providers in Singapore that actually delivers high quality services and results

  • We will be adding more services later on throughout 2020, for our customers to have more options available to them to apply these bonuses on, even after their pregnancy journey has ended.

Massage Therapy for Every Step of Your Journey

No matter where you are on your journey, we have a home-based massage service that will provide you with relief.

Fertility Massage

As stressful as pregnancy can be, it can be even more stressful to wait for a pregnancy to happen. There are so many factors involved in fertility that even doctors can struggle to explain which of them is preventing the pregnancy.

Poor circulation, stress, and tension have been implicated in infertility, and all of them can be improved through fertility massages.

Learn more about Fertility Massages

Prenatal Massage

The body is not used to the weight that it must carry during pregnancy. Each limb and muscle group must adjust to different levels of stress. Some will be over-taxed while others will not get the exercise they need.

Prenatal massages during the second and third trimesters can provide you with much-needed relief from headaches, stiff muscles, and painful cramps, and other pregnancy ailments.

Learn more about Prenatal Massages

Postnatal Massage

You will not immediately return to feeling like yourself as soon as a pregnancy is complete. In fact, many women report a disconcerted feeling after pregnancy that makes them feel as if the body they are in isn’t theirs.

This feeling will slowly pass as hormones return to normal and muscles readjust, but a postnatal massage can help restore that normal feeling much more quickly.

Learn more about Postnatal Massage

Postnatal Massage After Miscarriage

Miscarriages place a great amount of stress on the body. The physical pain and tension that follows can complicate the emotional coping techniques that are necessary for healing and recovery.

Postnatal massages can be used after a miscarriage to help the body readjust and to provide the therapeutic benefits of a compassionate human touch.

Learn more about Post natal Massages After Miscarriage

Confinement Food Catering

Confinement is a special time for both mother and baby. For the best results, it should include a diet that is rich in the vitamins and nutrients that are most necessary to healthy recuperation, as well as a healthy milk supply for the little one. Our catering service provides you with delicious nourishing meals that can be delivered without any disruption to your day.

Learn more about Confinement Food Catering

Lactation Massage

Breast engorgement can be excruciatingly painful, and having a low production of breast milk can also cause mother's to be worried and uneasy. This service helps mother's to overcome clogged milk ducts, painful engorgement, and prevent mastitis and more.

Learn more about Lactation Massage

Find a Massage Therapist Now

You’re safe in the hands of our well-trained massage therapists. All of our therapists are qualified to provide massages in Singapore. Each one is vetted and trained extensively to ensure that they are compassionate to your needs, alert to your pain points and capable of administering the treatments you want.

Contact us today with any questions you have about our services. We want you to feel comfortable choosing Theraply for all of your home service massage needs.

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